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Quality Management is the most important part of Etron’s core competence. We seek to achieve sustainable growth and market leadership through improving our quality.
The two backbones of Etron’s Quality Management are Total Quality Management (TQM) and Quality risk prevention and control. With full participation of all staff,control of the entire process,identification and prevention of quality risks, Etron targets on Zero Defect and devotes to satisfy and even exceed our customer’s expectation.
The essence of management consist of many aspects, such as customer relationship, leadership and strategy, human resources, process, information and knowledge.
Take full advantage of information technology, automation technology and standardization technology to achieve the efficiency and precision of quality management.

QMCS Flow Chart
1.Being accessed remotely by customers
2.Product and material traceability
3.Prosecc escape and process wrong material proof 
4.Real-time process monitor
5.Data analysis
6.Employee qualification management
7.RMA management
8.10 years of file storage

Quality Testing Equipment

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